We are planning to the future


IT consulting and project management

Our history and track record in system integration on a great deal of successful projects speaks for itself. We don’t just provide high standards in a technical sense, but also an absolute professional management of IT projects. We give you all the necessary expertise to undertake IT projects of any scale, regardless of the number of teams or subcontractors, while also ensuring all associated documentation and administrative work is also done.

Application development

We provide ready-to-use IT solutions, and never just solve the immediate IT issue. We always consider the whole business, the context and required services to provide solutions that are tailor-made and ready to use for the specific customer. Our company never looks at or works on projects in a vacuum, instead we look for synergy find the elements that can be used in existing solutions that will advance the project at hand. We strive to integrate our solutions into the client’s existing systems and infrastructure.

WEB developments

We have extensive experience developing online systems, from websites and portal systems to ERP and CRM systems. Our skilled developers and our up to date technologies guarantee the success of our projects. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: Some of our focus areas

  • Web based administration systems
  • Corporate websites
  • Portal systems
  • Webshops and ecommerce (CRM/ERP)
  • Content management systems
  • Programming for social media (e.g. Facebook)


Who we are?

The core of our business and what we excel at is the design and implementation of IT solutions. Our solutions naturally also include after-care and even customer support of hardware components on request. Everything we provide is specifically tailored to the individual customers. We consult and negotiate with our customers at every new phase of the project and adjust according to a thorough needs analysis.

Our professional approach

We keep our professional knowledge up to date and after assessment of our clients’ needs we strive to provide the most suitable and useful IT services in absolute accordance to those needs. We measure our success in the satisfaction of our customers, and therefore we guarantee reliable quality, effective cooperation and flexibility. We have dedicated employees who share our main goal to finding the best solutions for our clients, doing so with the creativity needed to do so. We also offer our services subcontracting and outsourcing, and apart from our traditional service, we employ the modern and cost-effective method of telecommuting which provides a high degree of flexibility, availability and cost-effectiveness.


 112 Countryman Road, East Gwillimbury ON L9N 0N8, Canada